I offer an independent speech and language therapy service for children and schools, serving Suffolk and the surrounding area.

I have successfully treated a large number of children with communication difficulties. This has been through working with families as well as offering Nursery and School services and training.

I am an independent Elklan Tutor, and run children's groups including a singing and signing group for preschoolers.

I can provide assessment of your child's speech and language skills. This can be carried out in a convenient location for you - at home, in their nursery or at school.

I take time to build up a rapport with the children I work with, and encourage them throughout the sessions with lots of praise.

It is important that the sessions are fun for the children so they are keen to take part. Often the activities highlight things that they find tricky, so I use fun games and props to keep the children interested and attending.

Once assessment has been carried out I can inform you of what areas your child has strengths in and what they may need additional support with.

It may be that you are able to carry out a home programme with activities that i provide you with, or it may be necessary to provide a block of therapy, whereby I come and demonstrate the activities to you and provide you with fun activities and games to play during the week together.

I can provide you with a written report including information on each area of your childs communication.

Some areas that may be supported through therapy: